community creates Magic 

Spotlight is a space for collaboration.

Through workshops, classes, and simply enjoying meals together, our amazing members and teachers show up fully in their gifts, which always seem to complement the needs of everyone else in the room. We recognize that no one can ever do anything alone, and with the spirit of collaboration, we know every dream is possible. This is why we've opened our beautiful space to local entrepreneurs who are doing work that benefits the community and our world. So we can support one another in our hustle and our flow. 

Spotlight is a space for regeneration.

We are here to support the evolutionary capacity of your life.

Spotlight is a space for healing.

We believe in the healing properties of yoga and meditation because we've experienced them. Our teachers are expert women whose approaches to breath, alignment, energetic anatomy, and spirituality are as diverse as they are complementary. 

Spotlight is going through a change of identity, and we are closed for the summer.